Kia Sorento Owner Used Aftermarket Warranty To Go Through 9 Engines Over +600,000 Miles

Aftermarket warranties understandably get a lousy wrap considering that frequently they can be a waste of money. A single Kia Sorento operator in the Twin-Towns spot although took gain of a 10-calendar year unrestricted mileage warranty and it paid off in an unheard-of way. According to 1 technician common with the car or truck in concern, this owner saved tens of 1000’s of pounds.

The Sorento isn&#8217t recognized for widespread trustworthiness troubles so it could possibly have to begin with sounded like a odd guarantee to indication up for. Redditor 600-shot-of-autism explained to Carscoops that the supplier in question made available that bumper-to-bumper guarantee for $7,000. Hold in brain that Kia already supplied a 10-year / 100,000-mile powertrain guarantee again in 2012 when this auto was initially bought.

However, that manufacturing facility warranty bundle appears to have run out very rapidly simply because the tech claims that the 10-year seller-issued warranty lastly ran out with 608,061 miles on the odometer. Through that time, the Sorento had more key powertrain components changed than you can depend on the two arms.

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In accordance to the tech who posted the story, this Sorento experienced 203 oil improvements, 20 transmission flushes, 9 engines, and 4 transmissions through the warranty interval. That&#8217s an regular of 2,995 miles between each and every oil transform and by some means, regardless of that, all of those people drivetrain pieces failed at some position. On typical that&#8217s one particular motor for just about every 67,562 miles and one particular transmission for each and every 152,015 miles.

The tech also instructed us that this car was pushed challenging its whole lifestyle. They exclusively talked about weakened pistons, rods, cams, heads, and even a snapped crankshaft. In accordance to the source, just one particular engine alternative for the car in concern charges all-around $4,500.

Do the math and you&#8217ll occur up with a whole cost savings of $33,500 if the guarantee was specifically $7,000. That&#8217s not placing any other repair service or regimen maintenance into the equation both.

It&#8217s amazing to see that in the grand plan of things at the very least this just one purchaser seems to have benefited so a lot from the extended warranty. According to the technician, the operator in concern has now traded the Sorrento in because the warranty has expired.