Luxury lash technician shares client’s VERY glamorous results

A LASH technician has shown off a client’s glamorous benefits but people today have been brief to comment with their fewer-than-complimentary views.

TikTok consumer @luxuryxlash uploaded a video of the completed consequence with the caption: “Cant conquer lash day.”

TikTok user @luxuryxlash uploaded a video showing a client's finished result


TikTok user @luxuryxlash uploaded a video displaying a client’s completed consequenceCredit rating: TiKTok / @luxuryxlash
Many people were quick to comment to say how bold the lashes were


Many folks were being rapid to remark to say how daring the lashes ended upCredit history: TiKTok / @luxuryxlash

The clip showed the consumer wearing really entire lashes that ended up confident to stand out. 

Although some people favored the look, other people have been brief to slam it in the reviews. 

1 likened the appear to “CATERPILLARS” and a different mentioned they seemed “clumpy.”

A different person wrote: “she’s about to just take flight.”

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A third wrote: “wait is this a joke.”

And one commented: “I could fly away with that.”

The online video has racked up 23,000 likes and in one more movie, the technician specified that she likes to go “over the top rated.”

Previously, a beautician warned women of all ages to Never use eyelash curlers.

In a viral TikTok movie, Ipek Ozcan – who runs IPS Salon in London – urged people to Never ever use curlers on their purely natural lashes.

The beautician wrote: “So right now whilst I was cleansing my client’s lashes, I observed so several all-natural lashes that looked like they’d been cut.”

Filming the short, stunted lashes, Ipek continued: “They looked blunt.

“Do you know why they seem this way? It’s because she makes use of eyelash curlers!”

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Choosing aside the faux lashes from the broken authentic kinds, the beautician claimed: “They’re a brief resolve for receiving lifted lashes but they are so damaging and practically slice your natural lashes!”

The qualified then warned her 502,000 followers to “phase away from the eyelash curlers” and only use them when you’ve had a raise.

In its place, she advisable making use of a heated roller which isn’t going to clamp down on lashes or possessing a carry to realize a voluminous glance.