Water4Gas Review – Save Money on Gas by Running Your Car on Water

With fuel prices getting higher every second and the effects of global warming are becoming more apparent by the minute, the need for a cheaper and more environmentally friendly fuel source is becoming clearer to motorists worldwide.

The idea of using water to power our cars is not a new one, although it has only started to gain popularity today because of the rising prices of oil. The technology behind using water to power automobiles is actually 90 years old, although a newer and simplified version has been perfected by the developers of Water4Gas, the newest solution to the world’s fuel problems.

The Water4Gas program uses a low-cost device which is able to convert water into HHO, a powerful gas which is more potent than gasoline, with a little help from the car’s battery. HHO (2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen) otherwise known as Brown’s gas or Hydroxy is more combustible and cheaper than hydrogen, which is one of the reasons why using Water4Gas can surely shave off a considerable amount off your gas bills.

Hydrogen is also easier on your engine because it burns cleaner and thus prevents carbon build-up. The engine also enjoys lower temperatures when water is used, compared to higher temperatures with gasoline.

Satisfied users not only boast about improved mileage with Water4Gas, hey also see that their cars perform much smoother and quieter with the system.

Water4Gas is not too complicated that you will need to go a mechanic to have it installed because it requires no modification in the car’s engine or fuel injection systems. If you are a backyard mechanic you can easily install the system at home. It can also be removed with just a few hours work.

The parts required to convert your car to run on water is not expensive either and can be brought in your local auto shop and even hardware stores such as radio shack.

If you want to improve your car’s performance, save on gas as well as live a more environmentally friendly life, try this system out. You’ll be doing your wallet, your car, and your environment a lot of good.

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