Top 7 Car Mods Under $1000

Every car can benefit from modifications, whether the benefit is improved performance or aesthetics; mods can do wonders for your car. The million dollar question is where do you start? There are thousands of different things you can add to your car, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and overkill your new car.

We have compiled a list of the top 7 modifications you can get started with, adding them to your ride without worrying about going over the top, also we have kept in mind that modifying cars is expensive so each mod in this list can be purchased for $1000 or less.

1.Lowering springs.
Slamming a car to the ground can make for some good looks. Not only will the car benefit from its improved looks as a tarmac scraper but nose dive under hard breaking will be greatly reduced, as well as body roll in fast corners. There are three typical options to choose from with regard to upgrading springs to lower a car: lowering springs, coil overs, and shock kits, the choice is yours and will most likely be based on budget.
Expected Cost: $100+

2. Tires and Rims
The mod that could have taken No. 1, rims and tires are one of the most essential car mods out there. Every year you will catch kids in boosted 4 bangers who forgot to buy the most essential mod to compliment such dramatic performance gains… BETTER RIMS AND TIRES. Good rubber and lightweight rims will do wonders to your car as it will help put your power to the pavement as well as significantly improve cornering. You can buy pre-assembled packages online with relative ease, just visit tirerack enter your vehicle specifications and all the rim sizes for your car will populate the screen.
Expected Cost: $800+

3. Aftermarket deck
Stock radio decks are usually not very good, and would not be able to handle quality aftermarket speakers and subs. When it comes to aftermarket decks your choices are endless, with so many different companies delivering quality products your choices really are endless. It comes down to what features are important to you, once you decide between touch screen or conventional, the number of aux/usb inputs, iPod functionality… the list goes on but once you’ve decided on these features your rolling.
Expected Cost: $80+

4. Amp, Speakers, Sub
Now that you’ve got your new feature rich deck you’re going to need some quality speakers, and a decent sub to deliver the premier music experience. When it comes to speakers you are basically going to be shopping for size, and whether or not they have built in tweeters. Once you have your speakers picked out you’re going to need a decent size subwoofer, one 10 inch will usually do good in giving you all that much needed bass… And don’t forget an amp to power it all.
Expected Cost: $350+

5. Steering Wheel
A nice aftermarket steering wheel can really add to the look of an interior. Picking out a steering wheel is pretty simple, just go for a style that you like and away you go. Just keep in mind that cars with airbags will need to have the airbags removed in order to throw in an aftermarket wheel, also certain municipalities may have some things to say about cars with standard safety features (airbags) removed, so make it your due diligence to check before you pick one up.
Expected Cost: $120+

6. Shift Knob
Reasons for changing your shift knob are shared with why you’ve decided to add a new steering wheel… its cool? Just unscrew your old shift knob and find a new one that you like, screw it in and off you go.
Expected Cost: $25+

7. Cold air intake
More airflow in your engine does many things small things for your car. First adding an intake will give you improved throttle response, that you will definitely feel coming off the line. Second, more cold air in your motor means more power (gains will not be huge, expect anywhere from 8hp to as low as 1 or 2hp gains). Lastly an intake will give your car an appealing ‘sucking’ sound as you put on the gas, sound of your engine sucking in a lot more air than with the stock air filter.
Expected Cost: $100+

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