Tips for Car Maintenance

This article gives you some basic tips that you can use for car servicing in High Wycome. They are by no means definitive but they give a flavor of the types of things that you will need to look out for. Of course you will make up your mind on the right techniques to use according to your experiences with the vehicle in question. In reality the maintenance of the vehicle is supposed to make life easier for you rather than adding to your challenges.

  1. Oil levels: When draining oil you should aim to be slightly under than being over. It is easier to top up oil than to drain it. The work that is involved in draining oil is also very technical and yet you only need a funnel and the oil in order to fill it up. This is a simple tip that will end up making your work much simpler in the longer run.
  2. Wait for the oil to settle: In most cases it will take up to ten minutes for the oil to settle. You should not start to move the vehicle until after five minutes. The way that you can check that the level is back to the right level is to look at the dipstick. Initially it will not give you an accurate reading but after the oil has settled you will get a good picture on what is going on.
  3. Top ups after the initial phase: Sometimes the oil level will take time to settle so that you need to do some minimal top ups from time to time. You should ideally aim to do everything in one round but if you need to do it gradually then you should ensure that you are checking the dipstick.
  4. What should I do if the oil level is too much?The best way to deal with that situation is to drain the oil a bit. It will be challenging but it is better than driving around with an oil level that is beyond the limits. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can drive the oil out through usage. You might end up with a serious incident or terminal damage to the engine.
  5. Quality oil makes for smooth driving: Do not attempt to cut corners with the oil that is being used for the vehicle. If you decide to go for a cheap alternative, there will be a heavy price to pay. You should instead invest in the type of oil that can last the distance. In addition you should ensure that you are following the instructions that are put in place for the use of oil.
  6. Spark plugs and their management: You need to get rid of the old spark plugs and pit them as you work. A visual check will tell you whether there is something wrong. Watch out for oil fouling as an example that the plugs might not be functioning to their maximum capacity. The good plugs have a dark grey and sooty appearance. Greasy plugs are an indicator that there is some sort of oil leak.

The maintenance of your vehicle is too important to leave to chance. The process of car servicing in High Wycome has to follow the generally accepted procedures. You will then be left with a vehicle that can make the rounds in terms of functionality. You will also benefit from the various changes in the techniques that are used. Ideally you should be willing to deal with problems before they debilitate your car. The short term investment that you put into the car will increase its longevity.

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