January 27, 2022


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The best way to clean dirty engine parts

As you can imagine engine parts are some of the dirtiest parts on a dirt bike. In this article we’re gonna explain you how we go about cleaning up engine parts. If you want to get the best OEM motorcycle parts, you can get them online via motorcycle imports.

Towards the middle of this article we’ve got something really exciting for you so make sure you stick around for that.

Scrubbing your engine parts

Allright time to get scrubbing! For instance some cases are pretty dirty, everything’s got oil on it, some corrosion and some rust. But with help the parts washer this stuff will be looking fresh pretty shortly here. Now a lot of you guys have seen my other heated parts washer but this is a different one. 

Just recently finish this tank up same exact concept but improved upon a couple things. So perfect opportunity to test it out since these cases are the dirtiest part of all. I’m gonna get them soaking in the bottom of the tank before I start scrubbing anything else while those parts are soaking.

I’m gonna scrub up some of these smaller parts just like the other tank. This one is heated as well but it’s got a pump on it and I’ve added a flow-through brush on the end of the line. Turn the pump on and we’ve got warm fluid flowing through. The brush should work awesome.

Cleaning the cases

These parts turned out looking great but now it is time for the real test: let’s see what we can do with these cases. Wow I’m frickin impressed this stuff looks amazing all that dirt and grime is completely gone.

What if I told you guys I built this exact tank in just a couple of hours for under $200 and you can do the same thing too. If you do any sort of parts cleaning, you’ve got to have one of these. They’re super nice to have. My favorite part about it is having my hands at a warm tank during the cold winter months.

It’s freaking sweet so I built a tutorial on exactly how to make your own heated tank covers every single step along the way: how to heat it, what degreaser to use and what ratio, what parts you’ll need and where to buy them, the list goes on and on. I’ll share this in another article.