Safety Guidelines for the Mobility Vehicle User

Mobility vehicles (i.e. mobility scooter and powerchairs) have for years provided differently-abled individuals with the gift of ease of movement and travel. Although using them does not require the need for a driver’s license, it is still wise that one is aware of some safety precautions and rules to avoid accidents whether with pedestrians or other faster moving vehicles. Like similar vehicles, using them requires a little user know how and road safety.

Since these devices are used as a means of transport, it is definitely important that mobility vehicle users use the footpaths when driving their devices around. If there are no footpaths, then is advised that the user keep as close as possible to the edge of the roadway instead.

Being in a mobility vehicle does not excuse the user from being reckless. One must also respect the other pedestrians who use the footpath as well. Users must ensure that they are driving at a speed that does not endanger other people so as to prevent unwanted injuries. Similar to car crashes, if one has unavoidably collided with a pedestrian, then the user should be courteous enough to stop and provide assistance. He should also call additional support if necessary. In some areas, the reckless use of mobility devices is subject to heavy fines and sometimes imprisonment.

Mobility vehicles are often smaller modes of transportation, which is why it is important that users attach noticeable identifiers (i.e. flags or banners) so as other vehicles could spot them easily. Users should also wear bright clothing at all times. Avoid journeying at night, if it could be avoided.

These are just a few reminders on using mobility vehicles. For more comprehensive information, it is advisable that first time users attend training courses offered by a number of organizations within their areas on the proper usage of these vehicles. Safety is always important.

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