Run Your Car With Water Review – Is Run Your Car With Water a Scam?

I recently purchase an engine conversion kit from Run Your Car With Water, partly because I was intrigued at all the attention the product is getting, and partly because gas prices are so high these days that I wanted to find an alternative.

I had high hopes coming in, due to the large number of people stating proof of the Run Your Car With Water’s effectiveness, while the detractors usually just cite “you can’t get something out of nothing” but haven’t tried the product. In defense of RYCWW, you really can’t get something out of nothing. That’s why its premise is that it uses hydrogen as fuel, which it gets from water.

When I got the RYCWW conversion kit, I bought the necessary parts from the auto parts store myself, but I hired a local mechanic to do the actual modification to my engine. It’s not particularly difficult, but I’m just not handy with cars. Anyone who can dabble with the insides of a car can do the installation.

According to the mechanic, modifying the engine to use water and gas is not new, and that lots of truck drivers have used modified diesel engines that can run a mixture of parts water and gas. But this is the first time he has encountered it on a non-diesel car. The installation itself lasted for only a couple of hours, and I was able to take the car for a test drive in the afternoon. I did some comparison over the past few weeks and while I noticed no actual difference, and seemed like I was still using gas, I was surprised to see a huge increase in MPG. My car was getting as much as 10 more miles per gallon on water, compared to the old gas engine. So I guess I can attest to the fact that Run Your Car With Water really works, and that it works even better than gas.

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