New Models of RC Cars and RC Trucks From Red Cat Racing

Red Cat Racing has introduced 6 new vehicles this summer. Including their newest 1/5th scale Gas powered RC Truck and RC Truggy. As well as 3 new 1/8th scale Nitro Gas powered vehicles. The 1/10th scale RC Car with a Brush-less motor is the newest addition to the Electric RC cars they make.

1/5TH Gas RC Truck and RC Truggy
The Rampage MT and Rampage TT are seriously awesome with some great features. They both have 4mm Aluminum chassis and it gets better from there. The powerful 23 cc CY gasoline engine is feed by huge 700 cc fuel tank. The 4-wheel drive is driven by the front and rear sealed differentials. Both come with bead lock wheels.

The Rampage MT Monster RC Truck has a 516mm wheelbase with 72mm ground clearance and 212mm diameter Wheels. The Rampage TT Truggy has 516mm wheelbase with 55mm ground clearance and 178 diameter wheels.

The gasoline engine makes it easy to start and run. The 700cc fuel tank gives plenty of range between re-fueling. They are awesome ground pounding off road machines.

1/8th Nitro Gas Vehicles
The Landslide LT Nitro RC Truck, Sandstorm LT Nitro Buggy and Maelstrom LT Truggy are the newest 1/8th scale vehicles. These three make up the new Ultralite Series. Red Cat Racing built the Ultralite Series to meet the needs of those that wanted a larger vehicle with plenty of power, but are easier to control and tune. Compared to the big block 1/8th vehicles that are in the market now. The Ultralite series features include a front and rear sealed differential along with a 2 speed sealed transmission, large bore shocks, huge wheels and tires. The 4 wheels are driven by the powerful SH .18 Pro
3.00cc Nitro engine.

1/10th Electric RC
The Lightning EPX PRO is a new 1/10th 4WD 260mm wheelbase Electric RC Car. Its features include a Brush-less motor, 4.5mm ground clearance, and aluminum body oil filled shocks. And is capable of achieving near Nitro RC Car speeds.

This summer’s 6 new vehicles are a great addition
Red Cat Racing has really put together great group of new vehicles, which meet the requirements of many RC enthusiasts. This is a great addition to their line of quality
RC Cars and RC Trucks.

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