Limit Leg Burns With Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

When it comes to a motorcycle exhaust, the pipes can become extremely hot. Because of the close proximity of the rider’s legs to the exhaust, accidental burns do occur quite often. These burns can often be serious and require a significant amount of recovery time. Fortunately there are low-cost products available which can protect motorcycle riders from accidental contact with the exhaust pipes.

Motorcycle exhaust wrap is the leading solution to protecting motorcycle riders from contact with exhaust pipes. These wraps are extremely easy to apply and are very durable, even for those installing it on exhaust systems for off-road vehicles such as an ATV or dirt bike. And the good news is that these wraps typically are very inexpensive and are well worth the money for the protection that they offer.

Because of the ease of access to motorcycle exhaust systems, most people first remove the exhaust prior to wrapping. Doing so allows easy access to difficult bends and allows for an optimal wrap which covers even the most complex twists. Regardless, most wraps are flexible enough to apply without removing the exhaust system. Those that have straight pipes usually just install the wrap with the exhaust system still on the motorcycle.

Exhaust wraps are generally manufactured out of either glass fibers or pulverized lava rocks. Those that install glass fiber wraps must use a high temperature silicone coating on the installed wrap to protect it from dirt, grease and other debris. However, exhaust wrap made from pulverized lava rock naturally repels most contaminates on its own. Depending on the level of thermal protection desired, and appearance, glass fiber wraps may be preferred over the dull gold color of most pulverized lava rock wraps.

The thermal protection offered by the different types of motorcycle exhaust wraps is rather significant. Wraps made from glass fiber are generally rated to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit while pulverized lava rock wraps are rated much higher at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. While the added thermal protection is desired by many, it is important to note that no colored high temperature silicone coatings will properly bond with motorcycle exhaust wrap made from pulverized lava rock. Therefore, many motorcycle owners ultimate choose glass fiber wraps to accommodate their personal color preferences.

While motorcycle exhaust wrap will not prevent all burns, it will greatly limit the severity of accidental contact with the exhaust pipes. In many cases a complete motorcycle exhaust wrap can be purchased for less than fifty dollars and includes everything needed to wrap most exhaust systems. Most exhaust wrap kits include two rolls of wrap, stainless steel ties and high temperature silicone spray. And for less than $50, the added protection for the motorcycle rider is well worth the minimal expense.

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