Lash technician shares client’s glam results – but people fear she’s about to ‘take flight’

A lash technician has shared a clip of her client’s eye-catching new lashes, but not everyone’s a fan, with some comparing them to ‘mops’ and ‘caterpillars’

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Lash technician shares client’s amazing result

Treating yourself to a full set of lash extensions can make for a fun addition to your monthly pampering routine – and some prefer them fuller than others.

One woman’s ‘lash day’ has got people blinking in surprise, leaving them just as confused by the surprising length as by the very thick, fluffy texture.

In fact, a number of people have been left so startled by the fulsome set of lashes that they fear the woman may well ‘fly away’ up and out of the salon – with the feathery lashes putting them in mind of a powerful pair of wings.

Meanwhile, as previously reported by the Daily Star , other astonished beauty fans have compared them in turn to caterpillars, spiders, and ‘Tom Selleck’s moustache’.

A number of people feared she would take off

The lashes are described as ‘big and bold’

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Footage of the finished treatment was shared via TikTok by Luxury Lash, a beauty business based in Dublin, Ireland, which goes by the username @luxuryxlash.

Four videos in total were shared, with one captioned, ‘Who loves their lashes over the top?’ Another described them as ‘big and bold’.

Each of the clips shows a close-up of an unnamed woman’s eyes, the enormous eyelashes fluttering away dramatically as she blinks.

It’s unclear exactly how long the bountiful lashes are. However, a handy sizing chart shared in a follow-up clip indicates that Luxury Lash customers can opt for sets as long as 16mm.

Many followers just couldn’t believe their own eyes, with one person remarking: “I can’t believe someone would want these. You would bloody fly away”.

Another gasped: “I bet she feels like she’s constantly in the shade”.

A third shuddered: “They are pushing her eyelids down so much that she has to blink every second”, while a fourth queried, “So where’s the eye? And when do we get to see it?”

However, for those who believe that bigger is always better when it comes to an all-out pair of lashes, this particularly daring set is nothing short of a work of art.

One admirer gushed that they were ‘so pretty’, while another declared them to be their ‘inspo’.

The Mirror has reached out to Luxury Lash for comment.

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