How To Repair A Car Yourself Using The Autodoc Club Manuals?

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The ATD Club manual provides answers to almost all the questions regarding your vehicle, be it a car or truck. It is a booklet that contains all the instructions regarding your vehicle. It contains essential information which can make you drive better and be a good owner. It also includes some of the basic troubleshooting and maintenance tips with the help of which you can repair your car yourself. Let us now look at what you can repair by yourself using the ATD Club Manuals:

  1. Pressure In Tire

You can also refer to the ATD Club Manual for maintaining adequate air pressure inside your car’s tires instead of looking at the sidewall of the tire itself. The ATD Club Manual provides you with the appropriate pressure level on which your car’s tires should stay which increases the safety of passengers and fuel economy.

  1. Changing Tyres

ATD Club Manual will also help you in the procedure to operate a jack and remove the tires. As every car is different and the lifting positions are also unique for each car, by referring to the ATD Club Manual you can properly lift your car at the correct location and change the tires. Besides this, it also contains information regarding how far your car can travel with a punctured tire.

  1. Headrests and Seat Repairing

Maintenance of headrests and seats from time to time is important to obtain a safe and comfortable feel while driving a car. ATD Club Manuals will help you in determining the proper height to which seats and headrests should be kept, reducing the risk of serious injuries during accidents.

  1. Dashboard Warning Lights

Each car has a different dashboard warning light system. Some cars come with only lit-up type warning lights which are less serious while some display describing messages related to any fault in the mechanical or electrical system of the car. ATD Club Manuals will inform you about every warning light that lights up no matter how serious it. They will also assist you with the warning signs that you do not understand. This can help you in doing routine maintenance by yourself and save time and money.

  1. Check And Refill Fluids

The ATD Club manuals have clear and understandable information of where fluids of the windshield, motor oil, and coolant are situated which help you in saving time and refilling them timely.

  1. Engine Oil Top Up and Replacement

The ATD Club manuals come with a designated section that will guide you on how to fill your engine with appropriate engine oil or just add a top-up to it. Besides this, it also tells you about the suitable level of the oil and which type of oil filter should be used.

  1. Fuel Type

By making use of ATD Club Manuals, you can decide on which grade of fuel is suitable for your car as different types of engines are created to operate on different kinds of fuels. 

Final Thoughts

Repairing your vehicle yourself can sometimes prove to be a tricky job. Some systems in the car can sometimes require a stepwise guide to repair them correctly. The AUTODOC Club manual will help you in a simple and self-explanatory approach to conduct all the repairs to your car.