How to Choose Suitable Refrigerated Vans to Transport Vaccine?

Almost of vaccine and pharmaceuticals needs to be delivered under the temperature controlled conditions. So Choose a high quality transport refrigeration can guarantees the pharmaceuticals safe. More and more medical companies use refrigerated vehicles to deliver vaccine and pharmaceuticals. Let’s see some matters that should to notice when buy refrigerated vehicles.

1.Choose suitable temperature controlled of transport freezer units

Usually, as for the general refrigerated vehicles, they will equip a truck reefer or van reefer that temperature is low to -5℃. Most of vaccine needs to be delivered under 2-8℃ temperature controlled, and Guchen Thermo all of truck reefer and van reefer can meet the demands. Also, there are some special vaccine or pharmaceuticals needs to be delivered under the temperature controlled of -18℃, in this time, it needs to choose a large cooling capacity good quality truck refrigeration unit price list.

2.Choose suitable refrigerated vehicles types

There are lots of refrigerated vehicles types, such as refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vans, refrigerated trailers, but as for vaccine delivery, it usually delivers in the city, so the small refrigerated trucks or refrigerated vans maybe good when considered of traffic restriction in city. So we recommend to our TR-200 china truck refrigeration direct drive unitsinstall on the small trucks or pickup trucks, and C-200T van refrigeration or TR-110D roof top van refrigeration for use.

3.Choose temperature and humidity recorder

As for the temperature controlled transport vehicles that delivers vaccine or pharmaceuticals, an accurate and sensitive recorder is necessary. Guchen Thermo electric control system that equip with our refrogeration units for trucks or van refrigeration can record temperature and humidity accurately.

4.Choose the reefer vehicles that have two or more seats

Usually, when delivered vaccine and pharmaceuticals need a medical care personnel helping make sure the vaccine safe, so when choose reefer vehicles, please choose that it has two or more seats.

To conclude, no matter what kind of refrigerated vehicles types choose, a high quality vehicle refrigeration is very important for the cargoes safe. Guchen Thermo is the ultra thin truck refrigeration unit manufacturers and van reefer unit manufacturers in China, supply high quality units, and our truck refrigeration unit for ambient temperature is up to 50℃! For more questions, please feel free to contact us!

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