How To Avoid External Piles

External piles can be a real pain in the back side if you suffer from this common ailment. But there are some things that you can to avoid inflaming your external piles. Routine daily stuff that does not mean any drastic life changing habits. External piles are painful when they are inflamed, so if you can stop them getting inflamed, you will live a lot better.

If you work sitting in a office chair all day, a hemorrhoids seat cushion should be on your christmas wish list this year. It looks like a big donut, usually they are inflatable rubber rings, like you see children with at swimming pools. Another important thing that you should take into consideration is your posture while you are working at your desk. Try not to hunch over your desk and have your pelvic area take all the weight or strain of your upper body. Straining your lower back will also add tension to anal region, bum or buttocks. Usually, when you buy something work related, it can be tax deductible, so you shouldn’t skimp on your well being at work.

If your always on your feet while your working, what ever chance you have, you should sit for a few moments. These small amounts of rest will add up at the end of the day. You should fell a difference in just a few short days.

If you ride a tram, train or bus a frequently, these tips might come in handy. Always let a recently vacated seat to cool down a few moments before sitting down. The problem is that in the crowded mass transit systems, you will most likely lose your seat before it has a chance to cool down properly. A magazine or newspaper comes in real handy at this moment. Place the newspaper or magazine on the hot seat and sit down. The newspaper acts as insulation between your bum and the hot seat. And you thought magazines where only for reading!

Pilots also have the tendency to suffer from external piles. Especially helicopter pilots. A airplane pilot usually has room to get up and move around the cockpit or airplane if need be. A helicopter pilot does not have the same type of freedom. A helicopter pilot has to stay in the same place for hours on end.

If your a taxi cab driver, truck driver, or bus driver, external piles can cause you to lose days from work. In these jobs, you do not have an option when it comes to sitting down. Try to park your vehicle always in the shade if possible, easier said than done, I know. You can always place a towel or blanket on the seat while your driving, it adds some cushion to the seat and will also isolate your anal area from any heat.

Riding a motorcycle can cause external piles, especially in the summer. A motorcycle seat can reach extremely hot temperatures in the mid day sun. If you sit on the scalding, black leather seat, you will defiantly get piles. You will cook the and inflame the tender muscles that are the external piles. Put a beach towel on the hot seat before sitting down. Or just park the bike in some shade if possible. The same applies if you ride a bicycle.

Just by trying some of these tricks, you can avoid your external piles from flaring up. External hemorrhoids are a pain in the butt but by avoiding some situations that provoke piles, you can live a better life. Rather than seeking external piles treatment, preventive measures makes better sense.

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