Can I Get a Loan On My ATV?

Riding around in an ATV can be a great weekend hobby. Slinging mud or sand all over the place may be just the thing you need to relieve stress from a hectic week. With that being said, have you ever thought of your ATV as a source of cash?

There is no way I’d ever sell my ATV! If that’s what you’re thinking, you won’t have to sell it get cash from it. You could borrow against it through a title lender. Let’s explore how this works.

Borrowing Against Your ATV

You may think that title lenders will only work with individuals that have traditional vehicles. However, a title lender may be willing to lend you money on an ATV through a pawn loan.

If your ATV is worth a few hundred dollars, you probably won’t be able to borrow against it. However, if it is worth at least $500 or so, some title lenders will work with you to offer the loan that you need. They’ll do so through a pawn loan, meaning that you can get cash just for letting someone hold on to your ATV. Think of it as lending your ATV to a friend in exchange for some money – only that this friend won’t damage it!

How Much Can I Borrow?

The amount that you can borrow is based on several factors. These include the value of the ATV and the rules that your chosen title lender has.

Many title lenders offer loans beginning at just a few hundred dollars. Again, this would be done as a pawn loan, but it can be done through a title lender. This could make your ATV a great source of income to pay off a late mobile phone bill, utility bill or to keep your car payments current.

Of course, you could also borrow more than a few hundred dollars if the value of your ATV allows for it. Just ask the lender to assess it’s value and see how much cash you can get!


Suppose that you own a 2011 Can-Am DS 250. A quick check on eBay shows that this ATV is currently going for $2,550. Let’s assume that this is what the ATV is actually worth.

If your title lender offers you a pawn loan of $2,000 for your ATV, you could get the cash you need to pay off any realistic bill and more. You wouldn’t have to take the full $2,000, though. You could go with a smaller amount of just a few hundred dollars, assuming that your title lender of choice offers such amounts.

Is it Difficult to Get a Pawn Loan Through a Title Lender?

You’re going to have to jump the Grand Canyon backwards on your ATV to get a loan on it, right? Not exactly.

Pawn loans are usually simple to obtain. The title lender will be primarily concerned with the value of the ATV.

Also, the process of obtaining a pawn is typically smooth. Often, you’ll get your cash the same day that you apply – sometimes in as little as 15 minutes.


So, the process is relatively easy and you can get some quick cash by using your ATV as collateral. If you need quick cash, then this is an option that you should consider for your borrowing needs.

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