Bajaj Platina – A Solid Offering From Bajaj

Bajaj two wheelers have always been popular in India from the time the company rolled out the ubiquitous scooters that ruled the country’s roads in the second half of the 20th century.

The changing times brought in more stylish and better technology in the form of motorcycles. Bajaj was quick to adapt to this trend and tied up with Kawasaki to introduce the KB100 in 1996. Later in the 1990s, other models rolled out. The Discover, the Pulsar, the Wind and, more recently, the Platina have been solid names over the years.

Making an entry in 2006, the Platina sports a 100 cc engine and was primarily targeted as a bike for those looking for a vehicle that is reliable yet affordable. Priced between Rs.37000 to Rs.39000, ex-showroom, it is the least expensive motorbike from Bajaj.

On offer is a 4 stroke engine that had been doing service in the CT 100. That means the performance figures for both bikes are identical. With a constant mesh type transmission, the engine here churns out 8.2 BHP with the Digital CDI and Trics III technology. The ride quality is taken care of by hydraulic telescopic type SNS suspension. The 1275 mm wheelbase paired with drum brakes lend a steadiness in the drive, making for a stable ride.The ExhaustTEC branded technology ensures that the low range torque is maintained. The upside to this is a bike that is ideal for the difficult peak hour traffic and the stop and go conditions of city riding.

The economy factor is well taken care of. The fuel tank has a capacity 13 litre but it may require less filling and that is good news for those looking for a frugal ride. The company advertises 80 km pl which could translate to about 65-70 in real conditions.

The Platina, despite its lower price tag, gives the impression of a premium segment bike. The use of chrome and fluid design along with a sleek heat shield give a refreshing look to it. Add to that, alloy wheels make the bike look sporty. The exterior colour options include black, besides a hybrid colour mix of black maroon and flame red.

Nevertheless, the Bajaj Platina is an offering that can be termed as value for money, on the whole. The engine, given its specs, may come across as slightly underpowered and the build is to its price. But the positives far outweigh the shortcomings. What the buyer can look forward to is some aggressive pricing, of course. Extending the economical angle is the promise of low maintenance expenses and, more importantly, phenomenal mileage.

An important offering from the leading two wheeler manufacturers, the Bajaj Platina is one to look at and also own.

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