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I took my 2017 Nissan Murano Platinum to the dealership for my 30,000 mile provider. The front brake pads were Okay, but they mentioned my rear pads have been down to 3 millimeters and wanted to be changed. They prompt replacing individuals rear pads and resurfacing the rear rotors at a total price of $330.

I then took my car or truck to a pair of unbiased repair service stores for second and third views. The second store mentioned I only have to have brake pads on the again, and that the rotors had been not that terrible. Other than, they mentioned, rotors can not be resurfaced on more recent Nissan versions. His estimate was $220.

The 3rd shop advised me he did not want to just substitute the pads with no new rotors. He explained the aged rotors would make the new pads squeal simply because they were being glazed. He also stated you cannot resurface the rotors, so they want to be changed. His value is $380.

So, who is yanking my chain? Is the seller appropriate that you can resurface the rotors on newer Nissans, or do the independents know a little something the supplier doesn’t? — Al

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Technically, any rotor can be removed and resurfaced, Al. The question is no matter whether it makes any feeling to do it.

We have not resurfaced a rotor in 10 yrs.

It’s just not really worth it anymore. Rotors are rather inexpensive, and for the $50 variation in value, you can have new rotors alternatively than thinner, resurfaced rotors.

If it have been my car, I’d go to guy No. 3 and just do every thing at as soon as and be accomplished with it. But primarily based on the range of views you sought out, Al, together with mine, I’m guessing you’re of a frugal character. In which scenario, you can certainly use man No. 2, and just do the rear pads.

If he’s checked the rear rotors and is sure they’ve obtained some lifetime left, and they are not warped, he can deglaze them for you with a sanding disc when he alterations the pads. In truth, that may perhaps be all the dealer intended to do.

Your mechanic need to make confident he utilizes all the proper components and places the anti-squeal paste on the again of the pads when he installs them. And you may perhaps be good.

And the worst issue that will take place? Your rear brakes may make some sounds. If they do, and it bothers you more than enough, you can usually go back and have the guy place in new rear rotors then.

You’ll have to pay back for the labor all over again, which I know is heading to frost you, Al. So if you get to that place, there’s always ear plugs. Good luck.