Purchasing Used Mobility Cars and Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Renting a wheelchair-accessible van is pricey: This French startup has a  solution

Transportation is essential to our loved ones, who have disabilities or health issues that contribute to one’s discomfort when moving around. For instance, when they are using a wheelchair and need to go out for a medical checkup, visit a friend, or buy something from the grocery. They may not be able to stand on their own two feet, but that is not a reason for them to stay indoors because they are also free to live a typical life.

Keep in mind that our family or friends did not decide to be in a state where they feel like they’re being a load. Deep in their hearts, they sought to help in any way they could even when moving around is restricted. Therefore, we should be attentive to their emotional or mental state and let us not show how it hurts to see someone dear to us seated on a wheel.

Well, we can make a change thru used mobility cars & WAVs, and allow our loved ones the opportunity to sightsee the world because they’d want to be outdoors, too. When using such customized vehicles, we can let them feel that they are not secluded or outcasts, because they’ll be a part of our journeys. So now, we have ample reasons why we should cogitate on getting these automobiles as a means of transport.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

WAVs or mobility cars are specifically designed or modified for folks in a wheelchair to have laid-back access moving in and out. Without this, you’ll still be carrying a passenger to his seat and do the same when getting off. What if you do not have solid bones to lift, then you’ll be needing others?

To make life more at ease, it would be a smart idea to get a WAV that will suit you. These typically come with gears just like a ladder or a lift for safer access. You just need to select which type can benefit you with such a purpose. 

By the way, if this is just for random drives, then it is also probable to lease one. So, will you be the driver or passenger? This will give you a hint on what to rent or acquire – see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheelchair_accessible_van to read further.


I suppose this is the most imperative factor why you’re taking these automobiles. Second-hand cars are reasonably priced and perfect for variations. So, will you need a brand new one when you would like to emphasize its features?

These autos are custom-made so a wheelchair can board without hassle. These can pass from the side or to the rear by installing a ramp. While others come with a lift, this would take up more space, so the number of passengers must be deliberated. 


When you’re purchasing cars, you choose a size based on how many people will usually seat. If you have a big family, then you might choose a bigger and wider one. What matters most anyway is for patients to be comfortable and safe because they have a condition.

By the way, sizes vary, and some can only accommodate the motorist, who drives while on wheels. Others are only for the chauffeur and commuter. I guess this will also depend on your budget, this is why we have used autos modified for such functions.


Here, you’ll have to think about the comfort of your beloved. Where does he prefer to sit? Therefore, you have to cautiously evaluate various designs available. 

Most are commonly modified at the rear part. But we now have up-front, removable, or foldable seats. Anyway, if you still have funds for adjustments, then you can always make a request – click this for additional info.


Why would you like to buy a second-hand WAV? This is apparently more affordable, that’s why you fancy having one. 

Let us be clear about your purpose. You can use this for daily travel, especially when you are working because your disability to walk isn’t a hindrance to employment. Therefore, it would be wise to have your mode of transport rather than taxis, trains, or buses.

If you often travel to different places, then you’ll need to get something with a trunk. You’ll surely have luggage so don’t forget to have space for your stuff.


You will be more assured of your safety if the trader offers a warranty. Through this, they will be able to track probable malfunctions. We’re cognizant that these are already used, but this shouldn’t hinder your desire to acquire one since it is essential.

Therefore, before closing an agreement, you have to check if you can get a warranty, such as RAC. This might add up to the cost, but this shouldn’t be disregarded. The warranty will cover your vehicle during a breakdown, so make sure to catch it.


Of course, we should not fail to remember our safety. Just like anybody else who’s on board with seat belts, we also make sure that the ones in wheelchairs do the same.

We have to use tie-down belts so that they won’t be sliding and moving inside. It would be risky without this because he might hit the window or door. 

Occupant restraints must be available, too. You have to fasten this comfortably. In this way, they will have extra support.


Budget is indeed necessary, and we are aware that buying these customized autos would be lavish. However, it is for our loved ones, so we are not only pleased to purchase it. We are obtaining one because it is for the better.

However, we shouldn’t select the ones beyond our limit. Sooner or later other people would vend after getting a new WAV. We can wait for such opportunities, so it doesn’t matter if we’ll only acquire what we can afford right now.

Though if your savings are not enough, then you can request financial assistance or loans. Let’s not ponder on the expenditures for now, instead what can make a family member comfortable?

Other Features

These things will be contingent on the necessities of your family. All the things you require can be obtained as long as the dealers can offer them.

You may ask for extra seats, more space, or whatever you wish. All facilities can be adapted, so make sure to confer them with the suppliers and negotiate the fees as well.

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