Left Hand Drive Conversions Pros & Cons – A Must Read

Only about 52 countries of the world drive on left side of the road, this driving system is introduced by Great Britain. From total of 193 sovereign states only 52 drive on left side of the road or say Right Hand Steering mounted vehicles. This makes about 1/4th. Of the total world driving with Right-Hand Drive vehicles. More investigations show that there is no special reason, whereas the countries including United States of America claim it to be safer.

Some readers might be wondering how to convert a right hand side steering to a left hand side. This is obviously not so simple and the risks and costs involved should be taken into proper consideration. But why there is a demand for such a method and why such users do do not buy Right-Hand drive or Left-Hand Drive vehicles in the first hand to comply with their country traffic rules. Results show that customers who cannot afford a new car goes for a second-hand and when they look for a second hand high quality vehicle with less mileage and high specs their eyes turn towards Japan.

Japan is the largest market for exporting high quality used cars, but Japan has a traffic system equivalent with United Kingdom and drive on left side of the road. Therefore the customers who wish Japanese domestic vehicles have to either drive a Right-Hand Drive vehicle or do the conversion of steering if there are some strict rules about imports of Right-Hand Drive used vehicles. Some countries have totally banned the imports of Right-Hand Drive vehicles which have transferred the attention of used vehicles exporters to provide a Left-Hand Drive conversion. One such exporter is Nexuss International Co.Ltd. Of Japan known as Nexusscars. They are striving to provide every support to the global importers of used cars from Japan.

The steering conversion process is technical and is not limited to mechanicals but electrical also. The vehicles having center-locking, electric windows and power-assisted steering have to be reinstated after the conversion so as the driver does not feel any different from original. In the conversion process first the dashboard, door trims and steering kit have to be removed including foot pedals. The empty spaces from the pedals on the floor have to be fixed taking full care not to burn any electrics. Then Brakes master cylinder, Aircon, heater and power steering cables should be fixed in the opposite side. The important factor is to install the new electrics and new rubber parts and cables including foot pedals.

The airbags are very sensitive therefore extra care has to be taken while taking off the steering bracket and re-fixing it. Lastly the full checks to make sure that all the electrics are functioning properly after the new dashboard is fixed and the new steering bracket is welded properly to the passenger side. Once all the functions are tested the door trims have to be fixed and the job is nearly over. In Japan there are speed road testers which will tell electronically about the drive; this saves the risks on the road. After the test proves OK your converted Left-Hand Drive car is ready for a safe drive.

There are few garages in Japan who provides this extra ordinary service under qualified mechanics. The prices for steering conversion can vary and depend on the type of vehicle but please always have a second opinion about the prices and expertise of such jobs. Have a save drive-bon voyage.

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