Lake Land College to offer new Crime Scene Technician program | Education

MATTOON — Lake Land College will be offering a new Crime Scene Technician program beginning in Fall 2022. The program is offered as a one-year certificate stackable with other Criminal Justice programs.

Crime scene technicians are in high demand with a 14% national growth according to Career Coach, and Lake Land College will be one of few institutions in the state to offer such a program.

The program will provide hands-on training such as blood splatter analysis, bullet trajectory analysis, crime scene investigation, crime scene photography, evidence gathering and evidence processing.

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The program will also provide several career advancement opportunities as it meets the standards of the International Association of Investigation. Students will leave the class prepared to take the IAI exam after completing one year in the field as a police officer.

This accredited program was curated by and will be instructed by active and retired crime scene technicians. Those interested should apply for the program by August 19, 2022 to enroll for the fall semester.

For more information, contact Criminal Justice Instructor/Coordinator Criminal Justice Programs David Chambers at [email protected] or 217-234-5310.

To get started in the program, visit and click “Enroll Now.”