CYTK app puts service, repair info right in techs’ hands

“The newer guys embrace the CYTK app,” he said.

“We do about 1,600 vehicles a month, and using the app has reduced our typical time spent servicing a vehicle by two and a half minutes, or roughly 20 percent.”

Levenson said his company will generate revenue through recurring monthly subscriptions. The cost of the app is approximately $60 a month for independent shop techs and from $100 to $179 monthly per dealership.

CYTK has fewer than 10 engineers and programmers working out of Silicon Valley, Detroit and South America and wants to ramp up to 15 employees.

Levenson believes his app will help not only the recruitment and education of techs but also the expansion of mobile services where cars are worked on at customers’ homes. He said CYTK would also get a shot in the arm with the growth of electric vehicle sales and the amount of information stored in EVs.

Larry Hourcle, an NADA Academy instructor, says that CYTK is an interesting product and inexpensive to use.

“It gives techs a phenomenal asset to help them find ways to diagnose and repair,” Hourcle said. “The links to YouTube videos plus the information on the app give techs written and video instructions on their phones.”

He said entry-level techs need information quickly. Plus, CYTK would be especially helpful for mom and pop operations that may have only a handful of techs and don’t have the knowledge base gained from years of experience.

“Lots of manufacturers have quick oil change services, and having the app helps techs shave minutes off of service time, especially if they discover they need to replace a headlight bulb during the oil change,” Hourcle said.

“The new generation of techs need mentors, and this app can serve as a repair plus estimating tool when building an estimate. It will also help to elevate repair quality.”